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Access Foundation is an organisation built from the ground up by a group of individuals who have worked in all stages with regard to providing support to people living with disabilities.
Our team collectively have had over thirty years of experience supporting people living with disabilities, their communities as well as their families as well as appropriate qualifications in managerial and welfare divisions.
The incentive for the creation of this organisation arose from noting the needs of people living with disabilities and ways in which support can be given and improved upon for the betterment of the individuals we support.
Access Foundation is a client focused establishment that prides itself on the ability to provide extensive support towards the individuals we support, and this is because our establishment is small thus not allowing communication to get lost through multiple channels, but rather, our participants and their families have the ability to correspond with staff at all levels of employment. Access Foundation believes participants should be supported in an individual and flexible person-centred manner.
Access Foundation acknowledges that in order to succeed, we require a manifold of assistance from the community and anyone alike interested in sustaining the impeccable care we provide towards our participants.

Access Foundation provides different supports and services to people living with disability.

We are serious about our responsibilities to the people we support and their communities. 

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